Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Creating New Spaces - Updates on the Library Summer Projects

There are a number of projects that will be creating some challenges for those who want to use the library this summer. The library will mostly remain open, but the following is information on what to expect during the next couple of months. We are doing some significant renovations within the library which may be disruptive to those who want to use the library. At the same time, there will be significant work done to the exterior entry of the library. We apologize for some of the inconvenience this may create, but we are hoping to complete these projects by the beginning of August. We appreciate everyone's patience as we work to create new spaces that will include a second instruction room, a comfortable reading room, as well as more inviting learning spaces for students.

Library Closed on Monday - Movers on Monday - On Monday, June 15th, we will be starting the process to relocate the lower level computer lab to the main level. Movers will be coming to remove shelves and move furniture. This will create some significant noise and disruption on Monday.

More Moving on Tuesday - The lower level lab is closed. Movers on Tuesday will be here to relocate the lab furnishings to the main level. This may take all of Tuesday and portion of Wed.

Electrical work
will begin once furnishings are in place. This may require sme drilling within the library. We will post notices when we have a date for this work.

Exterior Work
- Beginning June 22nd the front doors of the library will be blocked due to construction work on the plaza. We will be posting signs to direct patrons to Old Main in order to access the library through the link. We will have access to the front doors at the end of two works, but access will only be from the North side of campus as the plaza work will continue to August.

We will post updates on our progress as we proceed this summer.